Belt For Wood Panel And Board

Belt For Wood Panel And Board

Our company supply deaeration belt, we devoted our factory to deaeration belt for about many years, covering most of Asia, Europe market. such as export to Thailand of belt press most.

Product Details

Deaeration Belt:

Deaeration Belt Material: 100 % PET( polyester)

Deaeration Belt Using: wood and board main industry segments

Deaeration Belt Features:

Special Feature: Abrasion Resistant.

1. The entrance belt must pass through a bull nose roller (6 mm thin shaft), which can still maintain a balanced conveying, but also easy to correct deviation, strong and durable, and high temperature resistance. We use a special monofilament woven surface to make a special coating The spiral interface (instead of hot pressing) is processed and used to meet the requirements of the equipment on the mesh belt, which facilitates the installation and greatly reduces the downtime, and ensures the continuity, stability and efficiency of modern industrial production.

  2 The slab heating belt has the characteristics of good heat dissipation, stability, wear resistance, etc., which makes the slab forming effect more obvious. It adopts spiral ring and pin ring interface  

3 The breathable belt adopts a special thread, which is wear-resistant and tensile, which can adapt to any chemical substances introduced in the wood-based panel industry, so that the mesh belt has excellent air permeability. The antistatic black silk thread makes the mesh belt good antistatic and anti-sticking. The performance effectively prevents the fiber from clogging the mesh belt and improves the production efficiency. The joint adopts endless, pin ring, and spiral ring, which can be selected according to the specific use of the customer.  

4 The pavement belt has the characteristics of strong structural stability, easy correction and strong wear resistance, which effectively prevents the deviation of the mesh belt and beneficially improves work efficiency. The joints can use steel clamp joints, spiral ring joints, etc.

Deaeration Belt Technical Data:

Thickness of Deaeration Belt: 1.8mm (0.07inch)

Mass of Deaeration Belt Weight: 1.30kg/m2

Tensile Force for 1% elongation (K1% static) per unit of width (habasit standard SOP3-155) :12N/mm

Tensile Force for 1% elongation after relaxation(K1% relaxed) per unit of width (habasit standard SOP3-155/ENISO21181)

Warp thread:0.68mm

Weft thread:0.80mm

Density of warp:14/cm

Density of weft:6.0/cm


Air permeablity: 9000m3/m2.h

Seamless Manufacturing Width: 3600mm

Deaeration Belt Detailes:

polyester deaeration belt


deaeration belt for wood panel

Packing: wooden case

Delivery : about 15-20 days by sea, by air, by TNT

Samples: we can supply you free samples and with your express

If you are interested in our belt for wood panel and board, welcome to buy or wholesale the quality products with our factory. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we must be your best choice.
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