A method for judging the filter plate of press filter

- Apr 21, 2017-

Filter press in the use of a period of time, not only is the filter cloth to be replaced, but the filter plate is also needed to be replaced, in fact, the filter press equipment is a certain loss of their own equipment, filter cloth and filter plates are vulnerable parts. Damage to need to buy new to replace, so we have to face the choice of filter press and filter plate situation, so how to judge the filter plate filter press, we will come to you today to introduce.

Judging the filter plate of pressure filter, we can be divided into three steps to judge, basically can judge the filter plate of the pressure of good or bad.

Firstly, judging the filter plate of the press is good or bad, is "hope". We need to see if the filter board is intact. The surface is smooth, can not have any broken marks or defects, especially the filter plate edge of the filter, the requirements must be very smooth, because it is the most important part of the filter chamber seal, can not have any problems. If the filter chamber of the filter even the most basic conditions can not be satisfied, the filter press no work. In the hollow part of the filter plate, as far as possible to reduce any silk traces, because the pressure filter presses at work is very high, in the future use of the filter plate often due to strong pressure, from the filter board silk traces broken damage.

Secondly, good filter plate is not with any pungent or strong odor, only with a hint of polyethylene odor, as long as not notice, is not smell. If the filter plate is not used, it has a strong gas, or that the filter presses in the manufacturing process added too many additives, is used recycled scrap again melting casting in the filter board.

Once again, we are mainly touched, good filter filter plate in the touch of the time, can not have any dust out, the substrate will be on the surface of the filter plate forming a thin layer, it will look like Jade, but will be much less. This is to rely on years of experience to be very good grasp.