Analysis of the fault characteristics of a paper machine

- Jan 16, 2018-

1, the paper making machine equipment failure point is many, often occurs equipment failure shutdown;
2. The service life of some parts is short, and the frequency of replacement parts is high.
3. The gap between the fault period and the maintenance time is large, and it is difficult to manage. There are many reasons for the equipment failure of the paper machine. The main causes of equipment failure are:
1, wear: reason, long-term and copper mesh, cloth felt or paper pulp molding, contact wear parts and equipment, such as pumps, pulper, desander, vacuum box panel, press roller, roller and so on; two, parts between relatively frequent movement of the parts, such as scraper, steam inlet cylinder, vacuum couch roll, vacuum pump etc..
2, lubrication: mechanical rotation cannot do without bearing, the paper machine to rotate and the type and quantity and variety, bearing various types of hundreds, so lubrication management work is very important, especially affected by water, high temperature, heavy load, lubricating oil (grease) to erosion, evaporation, aging, so that destroy the lubricating effect, bearing damage and shaft wear. Therefore, regular inspection of refueling is essential.
3, fatigue: heavy load and continuous operation of the machinery prone to fatigue damage. On paper machine, because some parts are restricted by mechanical structure and operation principle, the design strength of parts (such as web case rocking spring plate, electromagnetic clutch sucker, couplings and overload proof pins) can not be too large, so as to avoid damage. To solve the problem, some measures such as maintenance and renovation can be taken.

paper machine forming also is a very important parts for paper making.