Classification of paper making felt

- Jan 09, 2018-

According to the part of the paper machine, it can be divided into wet blanket, upper blanket and dry blanket. The wet blanket is carried on the paper machine with water, the function is to press the paper billet to dehydrate the paper and smooth the paper. Wet blanket with good water and elasticity, high strength, small shrinkage, wear-resistant, resistant to bacteria and acid and alkali corrosion. The use of blanket parts above the wet blanket, a small part of the contact dryer, from leading paper, flat top and dry, with the performance of smooth, stiffness and good elasticity, abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance. The dry blanket coated dryer, which runs in the humid and dry state, has a solid, elastic, wearable and high temperature resistant property to the paper. Dry blankets can also be replaced by canvas or air permeable fabrics made of polyester filament. The paper blankets are divided into two kinds of woven and knitted fabrics. The woven paper blankets are blended with wool and nylon short fibers. The blending ratio is about 75:25. It is made by weaving, shrinking, pilling, drying and setting. Manufacturing method of paper making felt is the first 50% wool and 50% nylon short fiber or 100% nylon fiber carding fiber network, multilayer and barbed wire overlap, the fiber network ring pre woven thorn to the bottom cloth, reach a certain close flatness. The methods of acupuncture are single - sided and double - sided. The needle punching blanket has the characteristics of good water filtration, wear-resisting, high strength and long service life.