Factors to be considered for selecting suitable properties for rubber squeegees blade scraper

- Jan 19, 2018-

Screen Printing Squeegee Blades Hardness: the squeegees scraping is usually made of polyurethane, and the durometer is used to measure the soft hardness of the squeegee scraper. The hardness(duro), size and shape of the scraper determine the flexure, flexibility and pressure of the scraping. The hardness range from 55 degrees to 90 degrees (Shore A). The hardness value was measured by the Shore A hardness tester. 55A-65A is low hard rubber scraper, 66A-75A is medium hard, and more than 75A is high hard. The high hardness rubber scraping is very beneficial to the first three functions of rubber scraping. It presses the ink into the screen and transfers the ink from the fine mesh to the substrate, and maintains the lineQQ图片20180119084304.pngof different squeegee blade edge shapes can not be met, and the quality of the scraping is also high in the rough and uneven surface.