How to choose the filter press correctly

- Apr 21, 2017-

1. Influencing factors of filter selection:

Temperature and viscosity in the condition of material filtration physical and chemical properties, Unit time processing, moisture content of cake filter, solid contents in filtrate, washing degree of filter cake, etc. The choice of model size (filter area and volume of filter chamber) is mainly determined by analogy and lab test.

2, plate-box filter Press and chamber filter Press:

Plate-Box Filter press is a pressurized filtration intermittent operation of the filter equipment, it is pressed by the tight part, thrust plate, pressing plate, crossbeam, forming a rack, all the filter and filter boxes alternate stack rack in two equal support beams, all the filter plates and the corresponding parts of the filter have a liquid channel, for the introduction of suspended liquid or discharged liquid, all the filter plates on both sides have and filter box between the sealing surfaces of the same shape, the filter cloth is sandwiched between the plates and the frame sealing surfaces, and becomes sealed gasket within the filter plate and the frame sealing surface, The filtration surfaces of the supporting filter are lined with grooves, all grooves and the channels of the discharge filtrate. A filter is composed of many parallel filter chambers, each of the two sides of the filter chamber has blocked solids particles through the suspension of the filter to allow the infiltration of filtrate cloth layer, the filter board the total filter area represents all the production capacity of the filter press.

Plate-Frame Filter Press

is composed of a filter plate and a filter box, can withstand the filter pressure lower (usually less than 0.6MPA) each device according to the size of the area, the number of plates is also different, the plate-box filter press is generally used for materials containing less granular material filtration, often used in fine product filtration, filter cloth can be filtered on the back of filter filters.

Chamber Type Filter Press

The single-block filter plate is thicker than the plate-frame filter plate, which is that the box filter press is matched by two identical filter plates. The two filter Plates form a filter chamber for storing the granular objects separated by the filter cloth, and the feeding holes are placed in the middle of the filter plate, and are generally used in the material of granular objects, such as sewage treatment, dressing, coal washing and other industries. Box-Type filter press is not suitable for the pressure of the filter chamber, so that the filter board should not be damaged, filtration speed, convenient slag unloading, filter pressure, filter cake with low liquid content, Can withstand the filter pressure up to 3.0Mpa, easy to realize automatic pull sheet unloading, to adapt to a wider range, can make the largest filter press.

??? Plate-Frame and box-type filter press can realize two kinds of clear flow and undercurrent, according to filter cake washing method can be divided into: washable and non-washable type. The washable type is the permutation between the lotion and the filter cake. The diffusion process filter after washing can further wash out the filter cake contained in the required products and unnecessary waste liquid, filter cake washing method Clear flow washable, undercurrent can wash and conform to wash type (also known as two-way cross washing type). If you choose not washable type, only filter, not washing.

Special Tip: 0 1 less than the resistance of the material can be selected filter cake thicker filter presses to improve production efficiency. A filter chamber with a thinner filter cake and a high filter pressure filter is used to accelerate the filtration rate than the material that is blocked by a large selection of filters. 0 2 have corrosive, ph "7 of the material optional polypropylene filter plate." 0 3 pulp-type or wear-resistant material with large filter cloth, can be used to wear and filter cake peel performance good polypropylene needle felt. 0 4 for materials containing flammable gases or toxic vapors, a filter cloth without leakage processing can be used.