Papermaking machine working process

- Jan 11, 2018-

paper making machine can be made into paper by the process of dehydrating filter net, mechanical extrusion dehydration and drying, which conforms to the requirements of paper making. Complete the above process including paper machine forming, pressing and drying of 3 main parts, and equipped with the necessary finishing and coiling and driving device, as well as for pulp, pulp and white water circulation, vacuum, exhaust ventilation, waste paper processing and lubrication, automatic control and other auxiliary system. Paper machine specifications are often in the making of the paper width (the copy width), the working speed of polyester mesh width and preferred to express. The modern large-scale paper machine copy width up to 11m, the above work drives the car 1000m/min, Nissan amounted to hundreds of tons of paper, the weight of the whole machinery of thousands of tons, up to hundreds of meters. In the general developing countries and the production of some special paper, the small paper machine is widely used. Its width is 1 to 3m, and the working speed is from tens to 200 meters per minute.

to produce a kind paper,must use forming fabric, pulp fabric, dryer fabrics