Polyester mesh, classification

- Jan 24, 2018-

Polyester fabric mesh has the characteristics of high strength, small deformation, corrosion resistance, good wear resistance and long life. It is used for sugar, pharmaceutical, ceramics, food, printing, coal washing and other industries.


According to use can be divided into polyester forming fabric (molding network), polyester belt, polyester spiral fabric net, press filter, sludge dewatering, washing net belt, plain weaving fabrics, polyethylene nets, decorative mesh, polyester mesh by weaving series division, can be divided into four, five, seven in comprehensive mechanized, eight, sixteen, twenty-four comprehensive comprehensive comprehensive series. According to the classification, it can be divided into single layer forming fabric, double layer forming fabric, two layer and half forming fabric net, three layer net and so on. 


Features: acid resistance, alkali resistance, abrasion resistance, high temperature resistance and long service life, which are several times as many as woven dry blankets, canvas and general dry fabrics net. The surface of the net is smooth, the tensile strength is large and the air permeability is good. The heat transfer efficiency is high, and it can save energy for the users. The installation and use are convenient, the interface is not printed, the strength can reach the normal net.