Polyurethane Squeegee on Silk screen Printing, PU Squeege for Ceramic Industry

- Sep 11, 2017-

Basic Info

  • Model NO.: 9*50*4000MM

  • Kind: Engineering Plastic Sheet

  • Contraction Percentage: 2.0%~5.0%

  • Trademark: PEPSON

  • Specification: ISO9001

  • HS Code: 3921909090

  • Material: PU

  • Water Absorption: 0.2%~0.4%

  • Tensile Strength: (30~40)MPa

  • Transport Package: 4 Meters Per Roll

  • Origin: China

Product Description

Squeegees  1.1 PU Squeegees  1.1.1ParametersNormal Squeegees, Anti-solvent Squeegees  (Flat Squeegees and Squeegees with Edge )
Color: gray, red, green, blue, brown, etc.
Hardness: 50A,55A,60A,65A,70A,75A,80A,85A
Length:3000MM1.1.2Normal standard Normal Squeegees 
Yellow:60-65A;Green:70-75A;Blue:80-85A;Dark Yellow :90A
Anti-solvent and High anti-abrasion for  high precision printing Squeegees
High solvent resistance and high anti-abrasion for precision printing squeegees  
solvent resistance and anti-abrasion used for normal printing squeegees.
Coffee:55A 60A 65A 70A 75A 80A 85A; Beige:55A 60A 65A 70A 75A 80A 85A
 1.1.3Text1. 1.  Mainly used in the glazing line of ceramic, wood and other Industries with lower polar solvents.   
2. 2.  Anti-Solvent Squeegees is used in PCB manufacturing enterprises and printing industry.
3. 3.  Hardness: 45A  -90A  
4. MDI Super Anit-solve ,  easy to grind, suitable for printing circuit board (France Fimor quality)
5.NDI super wear-resistant, tear-resistant, super solvent, suitable plastic screen (excellent quality, brown color)  
6. Flat squeegees, squeegees with edge could be produced accordingly.  
7.PU material, high abrasion resistance, high aging resistance,  high anti-solvent, long life span, Shore hardness: 45A -90A.
8  PU conveyor belt scraper used to scrape coal chemical adhesion of ash and powder materials such as coal transportation, fertilizer delivery, gravel delivery and so on.
9.PU scraper for scraping cloth products, shaving products, such as the adsorption of water 1.1.4ApplicationsFirst type is mainly used in the glazing line, wood and industeis with little polar solvent
The other type is anti-solvent, these products used in the production of circuit boards enterprises and printing industry 1.1.5KeywordSqueegees, PU Squeegees, PU Squeegees with Edges, PU Flat Squeegees,  Scrape Strips
 1.2Rubber Squeegees1.2.1ParametersColor:Red
Length:10M 1.2.2TextRubber Squeegee with good wear resistance and high temperature resistance, and rebound performance, are widely used in ceramics, glass and other industries. It is currently capable of producing Division. Squeegee width 50mm, length 10m , 20 m,  30 m ,, Shore hardness in the range 48 - 52A . It can also be customized according to customer 1.2.3Applications  One type is mainly used  in the glazing line in ceramic industreis, wood and  industries with little  polar solvents.
The other type is anti- solvent type,   these products used in the production of circuit boards  enterprises and printing industry 1.2.4Keyword Squeegees, PU Squeegees, PU Squeegees with Edges, PU Flat Squeegees,  Scrape Strips

ItemShore HardnessColor 25×545-50Transparent, light yellow, yellow, redSoft, for the sparse mesh density and low viscosity inks, surface, irregular surface printing30×550-5535×555-60PU 460-6540×865-70Light green, greenThat with the high pressure and wide mesh density and low viscosity ink, easy to control the ink over the net and finished designs50×770-7550×875-80Blue, brown, coffee, pinkHigh-pressure low over the net high viscosity inks, finished a very precious, beautiful patterns, the greater the hardness of squeegee, the stronger anti-solvent. 50×980-8550×9.585-9050×9.590-95