Stainless Steel net future development momentum

- Apr 21, 2017-

Therefore, in recent years, stainless steel mesh is often used as filtration, screening in this kind of industry demand is most exuberant. This is due to the use of stainless steel as a metal mesh material, so that it has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high strength, good soft performance. As the living conditions become better, people begin to pay attention to the taste of life.

In coal mines, petroleum, chemicals, foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, machinery manufacturing industry, because of the characteristics of stainless steel materials, the processing of the rust-resistant screen has high strength, long service life, precise mesh, uniform structure, non-crimp, easy to use, the thickness of the mesh evenly, anti-static, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature and other characteristics. In the petroleum industry as mud nets, chemical fiber industry for sieve mesh, electroplating industry for pickling nets to use.

。 With the improvement of domestic stainless steel product quality and the development of special grades, the application of stainless steel net in domestic products and industrial facilities will increase annually, so the demand will be further increased. Because of the characteristics of stainless steel, stainless steel products become a number of young people chasing products. Small to a headset with stainless steel mesh metal mesh dust cover, large to apply in the field of aerospace science and technology. Stainless steel mesh is market hydrangea all over the industry.

With the continuous development of science and technology, living conditions are improving, stainless steel network in the industry has to be more widely used.

In life, stainless steel mesh production of teapot filter nets, TV audio dust cover, stainless steel screens, stainless steel colander and so on, are necessities in life.

In flood control, transportation, construction or water conservancy, stainless steel nets are often used as safety nets and basic nets.