Stainless steel Wire mesh Why heat treatment?

- Apr 21, 2017-

Stainless steel wire mesh has been popular with people's favorite, its corrosion-resistant characteristics of particular value, stainless steel mesh surface smooth and bright and will not rust, can resist the bad weather. So, so good products, also must have its special treatment, stainless steel wire mesh is after the heat treatment has its characteristics.

Heat treatment technology in the entire stainless steel network production process is also a key link, after the explosion of welded stainless steel mesh strength, hardness increased. Plastic decreases, unfavorable to the subsequent straightening and use requirements.

The process of heat treatment is practically eliminating the internal stresses of explosive compound. Improve plasticity. However, because the general stainless steel has its own solution system, it is inevitable that the heat treatment system of carbon steel conflicts, such as ultra-low carbon duplex 00Crl8Ni5M. 3512, 00Cr22Ni5M03N and so on in the 950Y below the long time to stay easily precipitate Fe-Cr the brittle phase of the golden session, this will seriously deteriorate the plastic, intergranular corrosion resistance, and carbon structural steel normal temperature in the vicinity of 890Y, long over-temperature heating will cause coarse grain, toughness decreased.

Such combinations are particularly important in the heat treatment temperature, insulation time and the selection of cooling systems. In addition, the heat treatment system has a great influence on the shear strength of stainless steel mesh, with 1Crl8Ni8T1+16Mn stainless steel mesh As an example, when the heat treatment temperature is higher than 400 degrees, due to the coarse grain in the grass roots, the shear strength decreases obviously, but the impact toughness, bending performance and elongation at the heat treatment temperature can be improved