The advantages of screen printing

- Jan 30, 2018-

(1) is not affected by the size and shape of the substrate limiting general printing, only in the plane, forming and screen printing can be printed on the plane but also in a special shape on the spherical surface such as printing, have the shape of things can be used for silk screen printing. (2) soft and flexible screen printing mesh, soft and soft screen. (3) the cover force of the ink layer is strong in pure white screen printing on all black paper. (4) it is suitable for various types of ink (5) with strong light resistance, which can make the gloss of the printed matter unchanged. (neither temperature nor sunlight affects). This makes the screen printing of some dry glue, no extra film covering and other processes. (6) printing methods are flexible and diverse. (7) plate making is convenient, cheap, and technology is easy to grasp. (8) strong adhesion (9), it can be hand-made pure silk screen printing mesh, and also can print (10) for long-term display. Outdoor advertising is expressive.


Screen Printing Mesh Fabrics using on the printing