The important role of filter press in environmental protection industry

- Apr 21, 2017-

First of all, we introduce the filter cloth to filter the initial filtration accuracy of a very important impact, however, the initial filtration accuracy is not higher and better. Because the filter after a period of time to constitute a filter layer, filter cloth interception effect is very small, really play the filter effect is "filter layer", constitute a good "filter layer" is also the key to the application skills of the filter press. Material properties, through the chemical properties and physical properties of the material, select the appropriate filter material, usually the regular filter plant will be a total of very detailed skills information, users can choose from the data. Regeneration function, select filter cloth, preferably choose regeneration function better filter cloth, this filter can be directly in the filter press to wash, but also reduce the number of filter changes, and the replacement of the simple treatment, filter power recovery, the probability of more than 80% percent.