The influence of the hardness of the screen squeegee scraper on the printing quality

- Jan 08, 2018-

The hardness of  squeegee for printing screen scrapers is the hardness of polyurethane, which determines the solvent resistance and wear resistance of scrapers, and determines its flexural performance in printing. All the polyurethane scrapers with certain hardness have good solvent resistance. The harder the PU squeegee scraper is, the stronger the chemical resistance of the scraper.

The impact of the screen squeegee scraper on the quality of screen printing is very important. The hardness of the squeegee scraper used is low, the printing edge is blunt, and the attached printing ink is thicker. On the other hand, the higher the hardness, the edge is sharp printing printing ink attachment, the less. So, in choosing the type of scraper, the only principle is the quality and clarity of the printing.

The hardness of the screen printing squeegee scraper blade will directly affect the printing quality. If the hardness of the scraper is low, the scraper will bend under the pressure of the scraping ink, which will reduce the effective scraping angle of the scraper. Therefore, choosing the higher rubber scraper hardness can maintain the stability between the attack angle and the scraper, and the effective scraping angle of the scraper can control the printing clarity and fine tune the ink adhesion.

The silk ink penetration is also controlled by the hardness of the scraper and the effective angle of the silk screen ink scraping, not by the pressure. However, excessive pressure usually leads to poor quality effects, and may also damage the scraper or reduce the service life of the scraper.