The principle of screen printing in photovoltaic industry

- Jan 12, 2018-

In photovoltaic industry, screen printing is mainly applied to the electrode shaping of batteries, which is printed by screen pattern, part mesh, paste paste, non graphic part and mesh opaque slurry. In printing, the size of the screen is poured into the screen, and a certain pressure is applied to the size of the screen with a scraper, and it moves toward the other end of the screen. The slurry is pushed by the scraper from the mesh hole of the graphic part to the substrate in the movement. In the printing process, the scraper is always in line contact with the screen printing plate and the substrate. The contact line moves along with the scraper movement, while the other parts of the screen are separated from the substrate, ensuring the accuracy of printing size and avoiding rubbing dirty objects. When the printing scraper wind region after the lift, at the same time screen from the substrate, and the ink tool will paste scraping back to its original position, working table is returned to the feeding position, thus a complete printing stroke.