the reasonable way of screen printing squeegee blades using

- Feb 02, 2018-

 when will try to avoid excessive pressure on the printing squeegee to the screen, it will cause the ink layer is very thick and difficult to control, excessive wear will screen, so the right way  is to let the screen printing squeegee and screen printing mesh edge ends of a proper distance, with appropriate pressure and printing. When the scraper is loaded into the handle, do not overly pressure or squeeze it in too thick size. It should be regularly rested instead of continuous use.
Cleaning: first use cloth to wipe more ink, then wash it with a softer cloth and suitable solvent. Do not use strong solvent, especially ink diluent to clean glue. Before or before grinding, the scraping of the rubber should be fully idle so that the solvent on it is completely evaporated.
Grinding: grinding by general: belt type, roller type grinding, cutting knife can dry the squeegee, not immediately by solvent rub after grinding, grinding a small number of times.
Storage: when long-term storage, glue scraping should be wrapped well, flat in dry and cool room, avoid direct irradiation of light, otherwise, the performance and hardness of rubber scraping will change.