The work of the press filter is not neglected

- Apr 21, 2017-

Filter press downtime to do some necessary work, rather than the simple closure of the switch, filter presses down the work of the same important, below we look at the filter press downtime what to do:

1, when the filter equipment to stop running, the most basic work is to determine that the device is not in the filter, means that the equipment can not be defective any filter, because the static state of the filter, in the equipment slowly drying, deposition, will form a hard solid, so not only blocking the important part of the equipment, and may let the filter press the next reboot, not normal work, serious words caused by the filter press burst. Therefore, the filtration fluids used must be cleaned out of the equipment to prevent them from drying or chemical changes in the equipment.

2. Filter cloth of filter press once used, it must save the moist state of the filter cloth. Because now once the filter cloth and filter press used, filter and equipment strong pressure, can make the filter cloth to change subtle, such a filter cloth can not withstand the drying test. Because the filter cloth is dried, it will result in the narrowing of the cloth fibers. Such filter cloth in the interception of solid particles will be serious changes in the quality, will be a serious impact on the quality of the filter press work, will also make the filter cloth more easily damaged, so after the shutdown to do the protection of filter cloth.

3, pressure filter equipment to stop running after the hydraulic station must be prevented from entering the water, or will cause the deterioration of the oil corruption, so after the shutdown to do a good job of sealing the hydraulic station protection.

Downtime and power-up as important, all affect the efficiency of the filter press and service life, we can not only focus on the use of some of the attention of the process, and even maintenance after the shutdown should be equally valued.