Two conditions to satisfy the normal operation of filter press

- Apr 21, 2017-

Do not know the filter press many users have a detailed understanding of its principle and operation process, want to press the normal operation of the filter has two major conditions to satisfy, that is the filter chamber of airtight and pressure difference.

In addition to the filtration room, it is a little special to the hardware of the press filter. The rest of the general can operate normally, but the filter room, it is composed of a piece of separate plates and filter cloth organically arranged, at the same time must be under enough pressure to form a filter chamber, but also to form a capable of withstanding a certain reaction force in the confined space. If the filter chamber formation mechanism cannot withstand the reacting reaction of the filtration fluid, the natural mass of filtration fluids will leak out of the cracks. But all of the different filter cloth out, but not through the filter cloth liquid, naturally can not occur solid and liquid separation, so the filter press the most basic role can not be achieved, that is far from the work of equipment.

Therefore, the pressure filter equipment working conditions is the realization of the filter chamber airtight. In addition to requiring an airtight filtration structure, the pressure difference is formed on both sides of the filter cloth. When the filtration fluid is in a stressful environment, the nature of the liquid is in a low-voltage environment from a high pressure environment. In contrast to the liquid also provides a movement of the power, in addition to the special effects of the filter cloth, the real liquid is the power to wear filter cloth, dialysis out, but not the solid of wearing filter cloth is blocked naturally in the other side of the filter cloth. If the filter cloth on both sides of the pressure difference, filtration, even with the filter contact with the filter, each occurrence of filtration separation efficiency, so the pressure difference is a necessary equipment work.

Understand the necessary conditions, operating principle and the operation of the filter press operating norms and other meticulous content is the first step in the right equipment, many friends without specific learning process is anxious to operate equipment, will form some wrong habits, such a process should be avoided, first learning, digestion, understanding, and then groping operations, will be able to achieve better equipment use.