Use of Paper Making fabric Paper machine clothing forming fabric for high speed paper machine

- Feb 01, 2018-

       With the development of paper industry, paper making machinery and equipment are constantly developing towards a wider direction of the width of paper. At present, toilet paper, newsprint and cultural paper machine design speed exceeded 2200m/min, the design speed of wrapping paper machine has reached 1500m/min, and the ability of China's papermaking machinery autonomy is still relatively backward, high speed paper machine and paper machine paper woven fabric mainly depends on import, become a bottleneck restricting the development of China's paper industry.

       In order to achieve the goal of localization of high-speed paper machine woven fabric, KB FABRIC CO., has developed three layers of Paper Making fabric Paper machine clothing forming fabric of high-speed toilet paper machine, culture paper machine and wrapping paper machine since 2008.  
The SSB three layer forming fabric is designed based on the upper, middle and lower three layers. The upper layer adopts the meridian, weft and plain weave structure with a smaller diameter. It improves the retention rate of fine fiber and filler, improves the paper evenness and smoothness of the paper, and marks the web lightly and easily peel off. The lower layer adopts the warp and weft of the thicker diameter to improve the stability and service life of the forming net structure. In the middle layer, the two layers of the upper and lower layers are tightly connected by a pair of weft lines, so that the upper and lower two layers do not produce relative rubbing and sliding.

       The three layer forming fabric has good quality, strong dehydration ability, high vertical and horizontal stiffness, good running stability and long service life. It has been widely applied to high speed paper machine. This message describes the present zonal main technical parameters and performance of netted structure, connection and comparison three layer forming fabric, combined with domestic and foreign ten speed of 900 ~ 1400m/min net paper machine using three layers forming our company, let technical personnel understand the papermaking industry high speed paper machine three layer shape parameter selection and application of network Technology

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