A small coup for improving the efficiency of filter press

- Apr 21, 2017-

Nowadays, the effect of machine work efficiency is increasing in the rapid economic development. We often use the filter press, and its efficiency directly affects the efficiency of the enterprise, so should be paid attention to. Today, let the small compilation give you a few strokes.

To improve the efficiency of the filter press, we must first understand the working principle of the van filter. The efficiency of the filter cake moisture, the solid content and the hour processing capacity of the filtrate and the feeding concentration, the feeding pressure, the composition of the particle size and the filter time are inseparable.

Firstly, the granularity of the feed is made. In the feed-200 mesh level of the amount of direct impact on the filter effect. -200 mesh level of the larger content, filter processing capacity is lower, the higher the moisture filter cake. If the material size is thicker, although its filtration performance is good, the cake time is short. But the material grains are rough, the mud subsidence is fast, the fluidity is poor, the filter press center hole is prone to jam, the knot cake is loose. Therefore, the chamber pressure filter Shi in the process of -0.5mm flotation.

Secondly, we should also pay attention to the concentration and pressure of the feeding. The higher the concentration of the material, the shorter the time required to filter the filter chamber in the press, the better the processing capacity of the filter press, the lower the moisture of the cake. Although the higher feed concentration is beneficial to the improvement of the filter effect, the concentration of the feed is unfavorable too high. General requirements in the concentration of 300g/L above, preferably in 500g/L around, the highest do not exceed 800g/L. The greater the pressure of the feed, the lower the moisture of the cake. If the pressure is too large, although it helps shorten the cake time and reduce the filter cake moisture, but the effect is not significant. General feeding pressure for 0.4-0.8MPa is the best state.

In addition, the filter time is required to control. The longer the filtration time, the lower the filter cake moisture. However, the filtering time directly affects the processing capacity of the van filter press. It is shown that the filtration time is too long, and the water reduction of the cake is not obvious.

To sum up, the efficiency of filter press is mainly influenced by the above-mentioned factors, so we should pay attention to these application factors in future equipment operation. This can not only improve the efficiency of the filter press, but also can improve the service life of the filter press.