Advantages Of Screen Printing

- Apr 21, 2017-

The advantages of screen printing:

(1) Not subject to the size and shape of the substrate limitations

General printing, only in the plane, and screen printing can not only in the plane can be printed on the shape of special surface, such as spherical surfaces, the shape of things can be printed by screen.

(2) Layout soft printing pressure Small

The silk screen is soft and elastic.

(3) The ink layer covering strength

Can be on the whole black paper for white printing, three-dimensional sense of strong.

(4) Suitable for various types of inks

(5) Resistance to optical activity

Can make the gloss of the print unchanged. (Neither temperature nor daylight has any effect). This makes the printing of some self-adhesive, without additional laminating and other processes.

(6) The printing style is flexible and varied

(7) Seihan convenience, cheap, technology easy to grasp

(8) Strong adhesion

(9) can be pure handmade silk screen, but also machine printing

(10) Suitable for long-term display, outdoor advertising is expressive