Development Direction Of Screen Printing

- Apr 21, 2017-

Undoubtedly, if you can develop a rotary screen printing machine using water-based inks, if the screen printing machine is more efficient, if the blade pressure, speed and angle can be read and can be programmed, if the printing heavy copy can be repeated according to the process of production, if the preparation from pre-press to the printing of the whole procedure can be used to correct production data, screen printing will definitely be more development. China's screen printing will be in the future to the depth and breadth. "Deep" is the development of higher levels, international screen printing industry has been widely used in computer design, Seihan, electronic engraving and other advanced technology, and China is still in the trial stage of the new technology; "Wide" is the development of new screen printing products, such as outdoor large screen printing ads. Therefore, China's packaging printing in terms of equipment, technology or scale, will have a leap.