Main Features Of Screen Printing

- Apr 21, 2017-

The characteristics of screen printing are summarized in the following aspects:

① screen printing can use many types of inks. That is: oily, waterborne, synthetic resin emulsion type, powder and other types of inks.

② the layout is soft. The screen printing plate is soft and has a certain elasticity not only suitable for the paper and cloth and other soft goods printed on, but also suitable for the hard goods on printing, such as: glass, ceramics and so on.

③ Screen Printing press Force is small. Due to the low pressure used in printing, it is also suitable for printing on easy-breaking objects.

④ thick ink layer, strong covering force.

⑤ is not subject to the substrate surface shape limits and the size of the limitation. The foregoing, the screen printing can not only be printed on the plane, but also on surfaces or spherical surface, it is not only suitable for printing on small objects, but also suitable for printing on larger objects. This type of printing has great flexibility and wide applicability.