Market Foreground Of Screen Printing

- Apr 21, 2017-

Screen printing has large quantities, cheap, colorful, long shelf life, fast delivery and other advantages, more and more industry recognized, widely used. In the electric circuit boards, textiles on the pattern, t-shirt, T-shirt, shoes on the pattern, refrigerators, televisions, washing machine panels on the text, ceramics, glass, wall and tile decoration; Various commercial ads like electrical appliances, packaging, outdoor, fixed, mobile advertising platforms; in the packaging and decorating industry screen printing high-grade packaging boxes, packaging bottles, cigarette packs, liquor bags, especially the oversized exterior packaging and product appearance decoration-screen printing applications are unusually wide, and our lives are closely linked, Its technology is mainly controlled by many printing factories, and small personalized screen printing technology transfer in the domestic few, the market is unusually broad!

Since in the 1980 of the 20th century, China has accelerated the development of screen printing materials, equipment and technology, so that the screen printing in the Flexo printing, offset printing, gravure printing competition has played an advantage. Each year is incremented at 7%. About 70% more wide color screen printing using spot color printing, nearly 30% use four-color overprinter, and four-color Overprinter is still increasing steadily. Industry survey results show that 70% of the annual output value of the enterprise around 1 million yuan. But China's silk screen printing output accounted for the total output value of less than 2%, there is still great potential to dig, the development of broad prospects.

Surveys show that the national screen printing ink annual dosage of more than more than 20,000 tons, of which about 54% of imports of products; screen annual dosage of about 10 million square meters, of which about 62% of the imports of silk screen, photosensitive gum annual dosage of about 4300 tons, of which about 57% for imports. The larger the scale of the screen printing factory imports the greater the proportion.

Screen printing is expected to continue to maintain a higher pace of development, technology will gradually improve, the scale of the industry will be further expanded. Authorities predict that the future of screen printing in the total output of printed production will rise to 10% percent. There is no doubt that China's net printing industry is nurturing a larger development space and potential market. It is expected that China will become the world's largest screen printing market by 2005. China screen printing will be in the future to depth and breadth.