Market Trend Of Screen Printing Ink (UV Ink)

- Jan 09, 2018-

Currently, screen printing ink is the mainstream of volatile ink from output and varieties. However, the output of UV ink is increasing year by year, and its increase is bigger. Its output exceeds that of volatile dry screen printing ink. It's only a matter of time. Due to the increase of kinds of homogeneous polymer, prepolymer and polymerization initiator in raw material of UV screen printing ink, the application of UV screen printing ink is wider. It can be applied to all kinds of screen printing, and its market share will increase.

1. screen printing ink (UV ink) is suitable for all kinds of printing materials. Paper, coated paper, wood products, synthetic paper, PVC (PVC (5045, -20.00, -0.39%)) 1 (PMMA), propylene - butylene styrene acrylonitrile copolymer three, acrylonitrile styrene copolymer, styrene (PS), ABS (PC), polycarbonate, polyester, poly (PET) carbamate after treatment, polyethylene, polypropylene, plastic processed (8040, -105.00, -1.29%) coating surface, polyethylene (PE) plastic, wood products, metal plate, coating surface coating (947,0.00,0.00%) glass ceramics, thermosetting resin.

2. screen printing ink (UV ink) has strong functional performance. Screen printing ink (UV ink) is suitable for high quality, diversified and special-shaped products that need special processing.

Physical properties: liquid crystal display screen, anti erosion welding, electrical insulation, conduction, electric field luminescence, magnetism and so on; thermal temperature foaming, temperature indicating, pearlescent, fluorescent, night crystal, heat transfer printing and so on.

(2) chemical and medicinal corrosion, ethanol exfoliation, biochemical antibiosis, antifouling, absorption, adsorption and reaction are waterproof, oxidation corrosion and so on.

(3) surface decoration: crystal glue, anti metal etch, matte wrinkle, non glare, mirror metal, etc., such as stereoscopic, thick film printing, Braille, crystal pattern, wrinkle, fragmented graph, coral pattern, etc.