Market Trend Of Screen Printing Water-based Printing Ink

- Jan 08, 2018-

In the volatile and dry printing ink, the water based printing inks developed in 80s have been paid much attention to because of their environmental protection. Water-based printing ink was once noticed at the beginning of its development. However, because of its poor water requirement of templates and the problem of wrinkle on paper when printing on paper, it has not been popularized. After entering 90s, the above problems have been gradually solved. With the advent of a new type of water-based printing ink with carbamate emulsion, its varieties are increasing.

Objectively speaking, because (water-based printing ink) function, use, price, equipment, supplies are better than the screen printing ink (UV ink), so in the future in the market of traditional screen printing ink, printing ink will slowly disappear, the water-based ink and UV ink instead of water, and finally the ink completely occupied the market. Commercial water-based ink printing has been in line with the principles of simple, practical and economic. The three shortcomings that have been deposited in the past have now been overcome.