Paper Machine Accessories

- Jan 23, 2018-

Paper making network is an important part of paper machine. It is the most important medium for paper forming and dehydration on papermaking machine. It plays a key role in the quality of paper making. It is an easy consuming equipment for paper making dehydration in paper industry.
Analysts in the consulting industry pointed out that the paper net is a woven fabric made of copper wire, or stainless steel wire, polyester monofilament, nylon silk and so on. According to a different material is divided into: paper copper mesh, paper net, stainless steel net, plastic paper, paper cloth, polyester papermaking papermaking blanket etc..
The paper net has good wear resistance, easy to use, low cost, easy to replace, easy to clean and use long time. The paper net is installed in the paper machine net, which can make the pulp water suspension dehydrated initially and form wet paper pages.