Paper Machine Dryer Fabric

- Aug 28, 2017-


The main task of a dryer fabric is to transfer the paper web from the press section to the pope reel through

the challenging (hot and humid) paper machine hood environment. A dryer fabric must also act as a drive

for otherwise undriven rolls and cylinders.

Although paper machine speeds are increasing all the time, the average lifetime of a dryer fabric is also

increasing. This means several million extra laps over a dryer fabric's running lifetime.

The runnability challenges set by higher paper

machine speeds and modern, more effective sheet

stabilizers have doubled the running tension of dryer fa

brics. Due to the high tension, the fabric's wear

resistance and strength - especially seam strength - at the end of the planned running time are very


Good basic properties of a dryer fabric


Strong seam

Dimensional stability

Easy to keep clean