Problems To Be Paid Attention To When Using Paper Machine Forming Fabric

- Oct 30, 2020-

Problems to be paid attention to when using paper machine forming fabric

  1. Excessive wear on the edge of the paper machine forming fabric screen: The most serious wear of most paper making forming fabrics is at the junction with and without vacuum (10-15cm on the edge of the paper machine forming fabrics screen); solutions: 1. Try to increase the opening width of the vacuum box and stagger them in sequence. 2. Add atmospheric lubricating water to the edge of the vacuum tank. 3. Reinforcing bars should be applied in the proper position. 4. Check whether there are edges or notches on the edge scraper and the vacuum box, especially the joint of the ceramic panel is a weak link. 5. Check whether the edges of the rollers are severely worn (the diameter becomes thinner after wear, so that the paper machine forming fabrics mesh tension is less than the normalpaper machine mesh surface tension, further accelerating the wear)

   2. The overall wear is too fast: 1. The panel quality is unqualified. 2. The back tension of the single-layer forming fabrics is 3-4kg/cm, and the back tension of the two-layer forming fabric mesh is 5-6kg/cm. 3. Poor packaging quality. 4. There are too many filler particles between the paper machine forming fabric and the vacuum box panel, and the overall wear of the mesh is faster. 5. Mesh ventilation and small water filtration speed are slow, but the increase in vacuum accelerates wear. 6. The speed of the guide wheel and the network speed are not synchronized. 7. The upstream and downstream network speeds are not synchronized.

  3. Partial longitudinal full-length wear is too large: check the forming plate, wiper board, vacuum box panel for stubble, unevenness, and gaps; check for local wear and corrosion of each roller.

  4. Local vertical expansion, full-length expansion: check whether the molding plate, scraper, vacuum box panel are staggered and uneven, whether the breast roll vacuum roll has protrusions such as solder joints, and whether the rubber roll has impurities.

  5. Guide roll winding: low cleaning water pressure, many fibers in the paper machine forming fabrics ; low air permeability of thepaper machine forming net; problematic cleaning methods. The paper surface of the two-and-a-half-layer paper machine forming fabrics should be cleaned. Whether the nozzle is blocked or not, the best distance between the nozzle and the paper machine forming fabrics screen mesh surface is 15-20cm.

  6. Vacuum box top slurry: improper forming fabrics mesh air permeability, short slurry fiber and high loss, poor quality retention aid or small amount of additives.

  7. When the paper forming fabrics is running, the movement range is large: the corrector is not working properly, and the forming screen cutting edge is not straight.

   8. The paper machine forming fabrics becomes narrow after a period of use: the local abrasion of the forming plate, wiper board, vacuum box panel or guide roller causes the deviation of the time mark line of the net running for a period of time (inconsistent local net operation).

9. Comparison of service life between D type machine and front screen: D type machine can effectively solve the difference between the two sides of the paper, accelerate dehydration and increase the speed, but the service life of the forming fabrics will be reduced. The main reason is that the water line becomes shorter, which leads to faster wear. . 1/3 or even 1/2 of general life.