Screen Printing Industry Survey:

- Jan 22, 2018-

The survey shows that the annual consumption of screen printing ink is more than 20 thousand tons, about 54% of which are imported products. The annual consumption of the screen printing mesh is about 10 million square meters, of which about 62% is imported silk screen, and the annual consumption of photoresist is about 4300 tons, of which 57% of them are imported products. The larger the larger screen printing plant, the greater the proportion of the imported products.
It is expected that in the future, the screen printing will still maintain a high speed of development, and the technology will be improved gradually, and the industrial scale will be further expanded. Authorities predict that the proportion of screen printing in the future world will rise to 10% in the total output value of print production. There is no doubt that China's net printing industry is giving birth to greater development space and potential markets. It is expected that China will become the world's largest market for net printing by 2005. China's screen printing will be developed in depth and breadth in the future
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