Screen Printing Mesh Raw Material Characteristics

- Jan 17, 2018-

Polyester screen is also called ester screen.

Polyester mesh has the following characteristics: tensile elongation, strong elasticity, single screen printing is suitable for printing thick film integrated circuit, semiconductor, calibration plate, plate count and high precision; tensile strength, structural strength, resilience and resistance force are good; with enough resistance, especially strong acid resistance. Strong resistance to organic solvents, as renewable and nylon; low hygroscopicity, hardly affected by humidity; heat resistance than nylon to high; by the impact of ultraviolet radiation to be small compared with nylon.

Use should pay attention to the following points: polyester screen good dimensional stability, suitable for high precision printing, so that the nylon mesh to mesh tension more, need greater strength in the frame, the tension and the machine and stronger bonding; polyester with hydrophobic, and the version of the film adhesive is difficult that should pay attention to the plate, degreasing and cleaning; while low hygroscopicity, but not resistant to boiling water over long time; ink is not alkali resistant nylon is poor; erosion.