Screen Printing Squeegee

- Aug 16, 2017-

Screen Printing Squeegee

The squeegee is widely used in screen printing on textile, decoration, uneven and rough surfaces. It performs well in medium pressure, low counts mesh, and low viscosity ink. 

Solvent resistance、tear resistance、long life-span、precise edge、easily deformed、without trimming.

Hardness selection:
Red & Soft. PU1-PU4. For sparse density mesh and low viscosity ink; It is ideally used for irregular and non-flat printing substrates.

Green & Neutral. PU5-PU6. For higher tension and wide range intensity mesh as well as high or low viscosity ink. Easy to control the amount of ink over the mesh to ensure the precision of finished image.

Blue & Hard. PU7-PU10. The maximum tension, the high viscosity, and low amount of ink over the mesh can ensure the precision of finished image. The harder the squeegee is, the stronger solvent-resistant it has. 


Aluminum Squeegee Handle

1. Solvent resistance and strong durability, commonly used in manual screen printing.
2. Specification: 6” – 20”.
3. Surface Finishing: Polished Finishing.
4. Type: Siamesed and detachable.
5. Compatible for 5mm, 7mm and 9mm thickness squeegee.