Small knowledge Popular Science: The use of filter press in life know how much

- Apr 21, 2017-

Many friends believe that mechanical equipment can only be used in the construction industry, in life is rarely can be used, in fact, not so, nowadays, there are many machinery and equipment has been widely entered our life, such as filter presses, filter presses, filter presses are now widely used in our lives, for example, when we cook, often the need to use starch is the need to think is the pressure filter to produce, people will contain a lot of starch food broke, then extract food residue The remainder of the mixing liquid appeared a large number of starch, at this time, the filter presses the mixing liquid directly into the equipment, the equipment immediately separated from it.

The filter press has a method, that is to operate the consumption of vegetable oils. We want to know, such as the last night limited consumption plants have not like the past, the necessary limitations, high-compliance, such requirements for the filter presses in vegetable oil consumption found the premise. Today's vegetable oil processing essentials is to contain rich vegetable oil, heat, in the research into oil and food Shan debris, let them into the barrier filter press, and then from the filter plate in the pipeline will flow into the edible vegetable oil.