Solar Cell Film Science Series

- Jan 12, 2018-

Screen printing is the core area of solar cell manufacturing process, which is the core area that is not to say that it is the core of the process of cell production, but the core technology personnel management, process of screen printing process from the whole cell production line about half, which shows the core status, deep in general screen printing is a whole, cell production leader, leader, whether technology promotion, or process validation, is the first through the screen pass and organize the implementation. One of the reasons is because the battery in the production process, is not suitable for verification in the process (drop, long time retained cell efficiency validation method has no specific quantitative criteria), so after the efficiency test comes naturally to screen screen process, process personnel also naturally shoulder the burden of another investigation efficiency. On the screen, the production line process involves several times longer, printing, sintering, so the process needs more. It has to be said that the silk screen process must be well behaved, not how dangerous the silk screen process is, but the leadership is generally first appeared in the screen.