Technical Parameters Of Triple Layer Forming Fabrics Selection And Application For High-speed Paper Machine

- Jan 18, 2018-

Technical Parameters of Triple Layer Forming Fabrics Selection

and Application for High-speed Paper Machine


Abstract: The article discusses the technical parameters of triple layer forming fabrics for high-speed paper machine, combined with some success cases. Let paper industry technicians know triple layer forming fabric technical parameters selection and application for high-speed paper machine.

With the development of paper industry, paper making machinery and equipment are constantly developing towards a wider direction of the width of paper. At present, the speed of the design of toilet paper, news paper and cultural paper machine has been over 2200m/min, and the design speed of the packaging paper machine has reached 1500m/min,In order to achieve the goal of localization of high-speed paper machine woven fabric, KB FABRICS CO.,LTD has developed three layers of forming fabric of high-speed toilet paper machine, culture paper machine and wrapping machine from 2010.

The three layer forming network adopts the upper and lower three tier structure design. The upper layer adopts the meridian, weft and plain weave structure with a smaller diameter. It improves the retention rate of fine fiber and filler, improves the paper evenness and smoothness of the paper, and marks the web lightly and easily peel off. The lower layer adopts the warp and weft of the thicker diameter to improve the stability and service life of the forming fabric structure. The middle layer uses a pair of weft lines to closely connect the upper and lower two layers to the upper and lower two layers.

There is no relative rubbing and sliding. The three layer forming network has good quality, strong dehydration ability, high vertical and horizontal stiffness, good running stability and long service life. It has been widely applied to high speed paper machine. This paper describes the present zonal main technical parameters and performance of netted structure, connection and comparison three layer forming net, combined with domestic and foreign ten speed of 900 ~ 1400m/min net paper machine using three layers forming our company, let technical personnel understand the papermaking industry high speed paper machine three layer shape parameter selection and application of network Technology

Application effect of three layer forming network for high speed paper machine


1: a crescent toilet paper machine in a life paper factory in Henan, with a designed speed of 1200m/min, running at a speed of 1150m/min, producing 13 to 22g/m2 sanitary paper, raw material of 40-70% softwood pulp, and the rest amount is broad-leaved wood pulp, the original use of Huyck forming network, normal service life of 2~3 months. January 2016,to order our three layer forming net, the Internet after the machine running smoothly, dewatering well, paper quality is good, the speed of paper machine to improve the 30m/min in the 127 days, the operation of paper machine machine, through the analysis of the next machine, the bottom weft wear lighter, to bring significant economic benefits paper factory. Now the customer has been using our three layer forming.

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