The correct method for the use of filter press

- Apr 21, 2017-

In the use of filter press, to prohibit the filter plate less than the prescribed number of plant start-up work, lest damage the parts. Before feeding check the arrangement of the filter plate, filter cloth can not have folding phenomenon, to prevent the occurrence of large leakage;

When the filter press is normal, the party can feed into the work, each class to work before the whole machine for a thorough examination. Mechanical pressing drive parts and deceleration boxes shall be lubricated with sufficient lubrication. Hydraulic pressure check tank oil storage capacity and hydraulic pressure station work, hydraulic oil is generally replaced annually, the replacement of the pressure response system to make-a comprehensive cleaning, hydraulic station work pressure less than the maximum pressure of the cylinder, but the smallest can not be lower than the filter pressure allowable value, too small will cause greater leakage, the assembly damaged parts.

The selection of filter cloth of filter press must conform to the filtration technology requirements of the paddle, and the new filter cloth should shrink before making. Open hole diameter should be less than the aperture of the filter plate, matching the Boucon with the plate hole should be relative concentric, feed hole cloth should be snapped to the tube wall, otherwise, the filter is unclear, the filter rate is low, the cloth tube rupture, not to achieve the desired results of the filter.