The Drying Section Of Paper Machine

- Jan 29, 2018-

The drying section of paper machine fabric used include dry felt (blanket) and dry fabrics categories, dry paper, canvas blanket belt fabri cand wool woven dry blanket (felt), acupuncture dry fabrics (BOB dry blanket), bottom net fabric belt composite dry blanket (BOM composite dry blanket); dry net polyester woven polyester spiral stem network, etc. the type of polyester spiral dryer fabrics is divided into small loop, central, and other varieties, have recently emerged polyester flat spiral stem network. The network is divided into dry polyester woven polyester and polyester flat round wire net dry dry fabrics. As the first generation of dry blanket, canvas has basically left the stage of history. BOB dry carpet is currently very few users. Now it is commonly used BOM composite dry blanket and polyester woven mesh fabrics. In the dry paper, ordinary BOB and BOM composite dry dry blanket blanket has carpet surface smooth delicate, the utility model has the advantages of no net mark, but because of the structure, there are still large density, the thickness is too large, the size of large deformation and permeability very low in paper drying uniformity and the drying rate is too low, easy to cause accumulation of water vapor blanket, "" paper seersucker, sweat stain disease, and the use of a great quantity of steam. Ordinary polyester woven net although high permeability, but the net mark is dry paper can not solve the problem, even if the use of polyester flat dry net still can not completely solve the problem, this is the high-grade paper special performance of paper is not allowed.

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