The Forming Of The Paper Machine's Mesh, A Recurring Problem

- Jan 25, 2018-

Forming is a very important link in the process of paper making. Without good forming, we can not talk about the quality of the paper. The following summary of the production line is summarized.


1. The importance of the forming device:

① 纸业基本成形,物理指标基本稳定。

(1) the paper industry is basically formed, and the physical indexes are basically stable.

② 成形部结构最复杂,动力消耗大,维护量大。

The structure of the forming part is the most complex, the power consumption is large and the maintenance amount is large.

③ 95%的水分在成形部脱出。

(3) 95% of the water is removed from the forming part.


2. The function of the forming device:

① 获得良好的湿纸幅

Get good wet paper

② 把以形成的纸幅脱水到一定干度。

(2) dehydrate the formed paper to a certain degree of drying.


3. Classification of forming device: long net forming device, round net inquiry device, pinch mesh shaper, composite shaper and superimposed net shaper.

4、纸幅成形过程中的流体动力:泄水、定向剪切、湍动 。

4. Fluid dynamics in the process of sheet forming: discharge, directional shearing and turbulence.


5. The main structure of the long fabric mesh net forming device: unended weave fabric, chest roll, volt roll, forming plate, case roll, dehydrating board, vacuum suction tank and so on. Main dehydrating elements: case roll, dehydrated board, vacuum suction tank


6. The principle and structure of the circular mesh forming device are composed mainly of the net cage, the net slot and the volt roll. The net cage is placed in the net slot. With the rotation of the cage, because of the difference between the liquid level inside and outside the mesh fabric, the material such as fabric in the slurry should be filtered and deposited on the net surface of the cage. When the fiber layer passes through the rollers above the cage, the wet paper is formed from the net surface to the unended blanket of the volt roll.