The Historical Evolution Of Paper Machine

- Jan 11, 2018-

In 1798 the French N.L. Robert first proposed paper machine design, and made the government
The patent right, but he did not make a machine. The British S.&H. Phu Deri Neil brothers purchased the patent rights, by B. king to improve the design and manufacture of 1803 successfully produced the first long net paper machine, also known as the Phu Deri Neil paper machine. The circular paper making forming fabric mesh shaper was invented by the British J. Dickinson in 1809. In 1820, T.B. crane first used fire to heat the iron plate cylinder until Jackson invented the steam heating oven that used the siphon to remove condensate in 1872. In 1828, cold Ding was invented. In 1863, the five roll super light press was invented by the Holyoke paper factory. After nearly one hundred years and gradually improve the round net and fourdrinier machine models. All modern papermaking machines are basically the category of these two models.