The Skills Of Screen Printing And Stretching

- Oct 10, 2017-

Stretching the net is a technical activity. What's the secret in the process of stretching? This is a experience shared by a printer around me. I sort out, I hope to do some help to print friends.
1. rainy day or spring because the air is wet, in addition to the normal treatment of outer frame should pay special attention to the screen frame before drying on adhesive glue should be prepared, stretch online dehumidifying device or with dried by infrared lamp for insurance.
2., the oven temperature is 40~45 degrees better, more than 50 degrees, then sticky net glue began to soften, easy to fall off the net. Particularly, a lot of peer love with cheap adhesive for net gum, please caution. Compared with sticky glue, adhesive tension and the network has the following disadvantages: the surface viscosity, permeability is not easy; the drying time is long, the work efficiency is low; the film is soft, stickiness and final tension strength is not high; the painting is poor, Iras; the adhesion of the screen frame; the rain a wet day and Tianyi off network. These are the net gum taboo, so do not advocate for good.

3. with the all-purpose glue after the net, it is not easy to tear off the old network game network, frame adhesive residue on the uneven impact of the next screen.
4. before and after the use of new and old network frame must be determined whether the formation can be used, because the network frame is not smooth will seriously affect the fastness of the screen, and at the same time, the screen must be uniform enough to use.
5., the new frame must wash away the oil, the old box to remove the original glue, and must be cleaned after the use of better.
6. net gum best use temperature more than 25 DEG C, the humidity is 50%~70%, low temperature, low humidity and prolong the drying time, drying time is shortened; when the humidity is 70%. When the drying time, drying with application of infrared lamp dried when necessary.
7., cold weather should pay special attention to, because the moisture in the air condensation in the frame surface, although at this time humidity is not high, still should dry the net frame or after sun drying after use is better.