Three Characteristics Of Papermaking Sludge

- Jan 16, 2018-

The water content is high. The water content of the original sludge in paper mill is more than 99%, and the water content of the sludge is more than 95% after concentration, and it has a fluidity.
The fiber content is large. There is a lot of fiber in the papermaking sludge. Compared with municipal sludge, the content of organic matter is low and the depth of sludge dehydration is difficult to be reduced.
The paper mill produces a large amount of mud. The influent SS is 2100 to 4400mg/L and CODcr is 1700 to 4800mg/L; the effluent SS is 15 to 40mg/L and CODcr is 70 ~ 100mg/L..
Resource disposal process of papermaking sludge
Papermaking sludge conditioning
Papermaking sludge concentration, modified by adding and reagent, the hydrophilicity is reduced, easy to dry processing machinery. There is no need for lime to be added,when the papermaking sludge is quenched and tempered. It is only necessary to add 1%-2% to the mud, which is commonly used as a tempering reagent (80% of water content).
The mechanical pressure of paper mill sludge dehydration
Papermaking sludge after tempering by sludge feeding pump into the sludge dewatering equipment, such as the peak of ultra high pressure sludge pressing machine. First carries on the preliminary reduction in sludge dewatering of feed pump under pressure, when the sludge dewatering equipment into full closed sludge, sludge feeding pump, sludge drying machine begins with the 6-8MPa pressure on sludge filtrate pressure began to flow from the sludge filter press, mud cake in the pneumatic cake discharging device under the action of from the automatic sludge pressing machine off, through the conveyor belt to the specified location. Since then, the high water content of papermaking sludge form dry hard mud cake to achieve deep dewatering and reduction of sludge.
Resource disposal of papermaking sludge
The deep dewatering of papermaking sludge can be sent to power plant to burn power and heating, which can be used as building material for making bricks and cement, and can also be used as a subgrade. According to the local conditions, the paper mill works with the building materials unit or power plant to realize the resource disposal of papermaking sludge.

so choose the reasonable sludge dewatering mesh belt to filter

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