Treatment Measures For Waste Water In Paper Industry

- Jan 18, 2018-

The treatment of paper machine making industry wastewater should focus on improving recycling efficiency, reducing water consumption and wastewater discharge. Meanwhile, we should also explore various reliable, economic and effective ways to make full use of useful resources in wastewater. For example, floatation method can recover fibrous solid substances from white water, the recovery rate can reach 95%, and the clarified water can be reused. The combustion method can recover sodium hydroxide, sodium sulfide, sodium sulfate and other organic salts combined with organic matter in black water. Neutralization method can regulate the pH value of wastewater. Coagulating sedimentation or flotation can remove suspended solids in wastewater. Chemical precipitation can decolorization. Biological treatment can remove BOD, which is more effective for kraft paper wastewater. Wet oxidation process for sulfite pulp wastewater is more successful. In addition, the treatment methods such as reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration and electrodialysis are also used at home and abroad.

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