Paper Machine Spiral Dryer Fabrics

Paper Machine Spiral Dryer Fabrics

Product Description: paper machine spiral dryer fabrics/dryer fabrics/paper machine fabrics/paper machine clothing 1.Model optional : 3252, 3868, 4070, 4080, 5080, 09110, 68908,etc. 2.Material: high quality monofilament in 100%PET. 3.Weave: spiral with or without stuffer yarns 4.Density:...
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Product Details

Product Description:

paper machine spiral dryer fabrics/dryer fabrics/paper machine fabrics/paper machine clothing

1.Model optional : 3252, 3868, 4070, 4080, 5080, 09110, 68908,etc.


2.Material: high quality monofilament in 100%PET.


3.Weave: spiral with or without stuffer yarns


4.Density: Different as to different specifications .


5.Type: small loop,medium loop,large loop,super loop.


6.Seam type: spiral ring joint (spiral link),spiral open ended,stainless steel clipper etc.


  • Smooth,seamless filter or conveying surface.

  • Durability,Stable property, high strength,good cake release.

  • Heat-resistance,high temperature resistance(180 degree).

  • Shrink-resistant,wear resistance, acid and alkali-resistant.

  • High dimensional and diagonal stability,good air ventilation.

  • Filled or unfilled to achieved differing filtration characteristics.

  • Super heat with resin sealed edges for lasting,no marking,economical solution.


1. Widely used in the dry section in paper making processing,drying process of printing and dyeing etc;

2.Suitable for high-pressure press filter washer,horizontal belt washer,pulp liquor separator and mesh belt 

    coal washer,sludge dewatering.

3. Also used in filtration and sieving in environmental protection,pharmaceutical,mine,metallurgy,airspace 

   and other fields.


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Introductrion of spiral dryer fabric

This kind of polyester spiral dryer fabric (belt) is made of polyester spiral dryer fabric which is filled with stuff to reduce the air permeation and to intensitive the opening, hence to reduce the material loss from the mesh opening. Polyester spiral press filter belt is extensively used in all kinds of industries such as paper pulp washing,sludge dewatering and desiccation, printing and dying,coal washing,dehydration of wine bran,vinegar bran dehydration,

environmental protection,food,salt,chemical,pharmaceutical,clothing,shoe-making and other industries etc.

It is better in the high ventilation part of the dryness part of paper-making machine.



Product Show: 

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      IMG_3040.jpg    IMG_3042.jpg


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