Paper Making Mesh Polyester Forming Fabric

Paper Making Mesh Polyester Forming Fabric

Paper Making Mesh Polyester Forming Fabric that two amd half layer 16-shed double and a half layer fabric is suitable for making quality printing paper, tissue paper and surface pulp, inner pulp and base pulp of the board paper etc.
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As a leading and professional supplier of paper machine forming fabric , KB Com has development 12 series with more than 48 leading products including triple layer forming fabric, two and a half layer forming fabric, one and a half layer forming fabric, single layer and low air permeability double cloth designed dryer fabric with flat yarn ,high hydrolysis resistance dryer fabric. Forming fabric of our company is characterized by smooth surface without edge curt, good stability and less elongation, unique drainage channel without leaking, good run ability with low load, good fiber support and excellent formation, good life potential: the dryer fabrics is characterized be smooth surface and seam ,stable structure gives more resistance to distortion, good  run ability   reduces sheet flutter and break, contamination resistant and easy cleaning for good using life and maintain even permeability and other advantage.

          IMG_2101.jpg   IMG_2107.jpg

                                       Warpping                                                            Weaving

          FBC1537399DA9D19CF70502E2035633F.jpg   E9990.jpg

                                       Seaming                                                            Heat Setting

          IMG_2121.jpg  kb11.jpg

                                   Inspection                                                             Packing

          IMG_2994.jpg  IMG_2990.jpg

                                        Finished                                                               Shipping

If you are interested in our paper making mesh polyester forming fabric, welcome to buy or wholesale the quality products with our factory. As one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China, we must be your best choice.


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