China Corrugator Belts

China Corrugator Belts

China Corrugator Belts Direct Suppliers Corrugator Belt (Double Facer Belt)-one of the most important parts in corrugated paperboard production line. Undoubltly, it means much for the quality of the corrugated paperboard. The cardboard box factory and tile line factory pays more attention for...
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China Corrugator Belts Direct Suppliers

Corrugator Belt (Double Facer Belt)-one of the most important parts in corrugated paperboard production line. Undoubltly, it means much for the quality of the corrugated paperboard. The cardboard box factory and tile line factory pays more attention for the corugator belt .we have the expertise to work for you and help you make better quality cardboards and cartons at lower manufacturing cost.
KB Corrugator Belts are with maximum flexibility so suitable for machine speed 50 to 350m/min, and the high grade materials makes the belts with low noise when running and high durability.
Woven Corrugator Belt Function:
1. Connect and provide tension: the connections drying and wet end of the transmission chain equipment to provide tension, straight pull, [evened out" cardboard to avoid the glue between the wire and cardboard small displacement.
2. Transfer cardboard: tile line with a dedicated production line is transmitted by frictional drag, will not damage the surface of the cardboard.

3.Conduct Pressure: gravity roll conveyor to the linear pressure by converting itself into a flat pressure transmission to the cardboard, so that there is sufficient bonding pressure and in a multilayer single-faced corrugated paper, tissue paper, adhesive glue after.

4. Moisturize Powder Wet: Hot plate heat to the paperboard still above ambient temperature baking heating belt transmission to the cardboard, paperboard prompted adhesive between timely uniform paste, while adhesives water by absorbing parts of the conveyor belt of the board to achieve rapid drying effect.


woven corrugated belts kinds of type:

corrugated belt corrugated woven belts

woven belt for corrugator paper board corrugated woven belt for paper making

corrugator belts  woven belt with KELAR reinforced edge

woven belt with two double faces                             woven belt KEVLAR reinforced edge


 Corrugated Woven Belt Packing:

corrugator woven belt packing


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