Triple Layer Forming Fabrics For High-speed Paper Machine

Triple Layer Forming Fabrics For High-speed Paper Machine

Paper Mill Polyester Forming Mesh Paper Machine Clothing for paper making is the most important intermedium of sheet forming and dehydration in paper-making machine,and it plays a vital role for paper making. 8-shed,16-shed,24-shed Paper Mill Mesh Forming Wires Forming Fabric is suitble for various paper of high speed paper machine.

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Triple layer forming fabrics for high-speed paper machine

The three layer forming network adopts the upper middle and lower three layers structure design, the upper layer adopts the thinner diameter longitude line and the weft line.

The organizational structure of the peace pattern improves the retention rate of fine fibers and fillers, and improves the evenness and smoothness of paper evenness.Paper web marks are light, Easily stripped. The lower layer adopts the warp and weft of the thicker diameter to improve the stability of the forming net structure and service life.

The middle layer is closely connected to the two layers of the upper and lower layers by a pair of paired weft lines.
Two layers up and down,There is no relative rubbing and sliding. The three layer forming network has good paper quality, strong dewatering ability and high vertical and horizontal stiffness.It has good running stability and long service life.It has been widely used in high speed paper machine.

8-shed,16-shed,24-shed Triple layer forming fabrics for high-speed paper machine is suitble for various paper of high speed paper machine.

Triple layer forming fabrics for high-speed paper machine-Material: 100% Polyester/PET & Polyamide

-Smooth surface without curled edge

-Excellent fiber support and channel drainage channel

-Stable runnability with low load
- High strength
- Stable under high tension
- High resistance against abrasion
- Can be made on size on site
- Seamless
- Can be repaired easily on site
- Durability and good dirt release
- Filled or unfilled to achieve different filtration characteristics
- Sealed edges for lasting, economical solutions
- Widths up to 11m
-Can be made as your requirements

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Application effect of three layer forming network for high speed paper machine


1: a crescent toilet paper machine in a life paper factory in Russia, with a designed speed of 1200m/min, running at a speed of 1150m/min, producing 13 to 22g/m2 sanitary paper, raw material of 40-70% softwood pulp, and the rest amount is broad-leaved wood pulp, the original use of Huyck forming fabric, normal service life of 2~3 months. Jan 2017 to order our three layer forming net, the fabric after the machine running smoothly, dewatering well, paper quality is good, the speed of paper machine to improve the 30m/min in the 127 days, the operation of paper machine machine, through the analysis of the next machine, the bottom weft wear lighter, to bring significant economic benefits paper factory. Now the customer has been using our three layer forming fabric

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Perfect Quality Low Price Paper Pulp FabricQ: How to make an inquiry of forming fabric?
A: You need to provide speed of paper making machine, paper type, weight of paper,quantity,Pulp..., you can also indicate if you have any special requirement. We'll provide a formal quotation list after your inquiry received.

Q: Could you provide free sample?
A: Yes, we can provide free sample together with our catalogue. But the freight charge will on your side. We'll refund the freight charge if you make an order.

Q: If the products can be customized?
A: Welcome OEM and ODM service, custom designs and dimensions are acceptable.

Q: How long about the delivery time?
A: Usually the sample delivery time is 7-10 days, for mass order,which based on your quantity.


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