Paper Making Mesh Polyester Spiral Dryer Fabrics

Paper Making Mesh Polyester Spiral Dryer Fabrics

Product Description Spiral Dryer Fabrics/Spiral Screen/Dryer Fabrics/Paper Machine Clothing Acid and alkali-resistant, Wear resistance, high temperature resistance,non-toxic ( can have a long time operation at 180 degrees environment)long service life, is several times more than woven dry...
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Paper Making Mesh Polyester Spiral Dryer Fabrics

Material: Polyester monofilament.(PET 100% and Hydrolytic resistance)
Uses and Features:
Polyester spiral loop dryer fabric can be divided into small loop, medium loop, and large loop, material include round and red flat yarns.

Instead of paper machine drying cloth and dryer felt, the spiral dryer fabric was widely used in the production of cardboard, Kraft paper, corrugated paper, train ticket, single double-sided white paper, and also used as belt conveyor equipment in food and coal mine industries.

Spiral dryer screen was made of high viscosity polyester chips, processing wire, enjoys unique properties after weaving and heat setting.

Flat surface, not easily cracked, good air permeability, stable property against heat and moisture, low thermal shrinking, less elongation at heat, long lifetime.

Product Show:


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Packing Detailes of Spiral Fabrics Mesh Belt:




Why the Paper Making Mesh Polyester Spiral Dryer Fabrics Surface has wave and not Flat ?


Cause this problem that theRaw material yarns not stable and has the different enlongation and the Heat setting problem. our raw material imported from Genmany,the yarns has the good stable,so our belt without this problem,the fabrics surfave flat.

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