SSB Forming Fabrics For Tissue Paper Machine

SSB Forming Fabrics For Tissue Paper Machine

SSB forming fabrics for tissue paper machine is used for high speed crescent type tissue paper making machine
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SSB forming fabrics for tissue paper machine

With the development of the papermaking industry, papermaking machinery and equipment continue to develop in the direction of wider paper webs and higher speeds. exhibition. At present, the design speed of toilet paper, newsprint and cultural paper machines has exceeded 2200m/min, Wrapping paper machine. Design speed has reached 1500m/min, While my country’s paper-making machinery’s autonomous capability is still relatively backward, and high-speed papermaking
Machine and paper machine supporting paper machine fabrics mainly rely on imports.
Become a bottleneck restricting the development of my country's paper industry.forTo achieve the goal of localizing high-speed paper machine paper machine fabrics, we started from 2009 Begin to develop three-layer forming fabrics for high-speed toilet paper machines, cultural paper machines, and packaging paper machines.

SSB forming fabrics for tissue paper machine adopts the upper, middle and lower three-layer structure design, and the upper layer adopts finer diameter warp and weft Plain weave structure, improve the retention of fine fibers and fillers, improve the evenness and smoothness of the paper sheet,Light net marks on paper,
Easy to peel. The lower layer uses warp and weft with a larger diameter,Improve the stability of the forming wire structure And service life.
The middle layer uses a pair of wefts to closely connect the upper and lower layers into a whole.Make up and down two levelsThere is no relative rubbing and slippage. SSB forming fabric for tissue paper machine has good paper quality, strong dewatering capacity, high vertical and horizontal stiffness,

Good running stability and long service life,

It is widely used on high-speed paper machines. This article briefly describes the current stage

The main net structure of the three-layer forming fabric,

Technical parameters and performance comparison,

Combine dozens of domestic and foreign

The speed is 900~1400m/min

The use of our company’s three-layer forming fabric in the paper machine allows technical personnel in the paper industry

The staff understands the selection and application of the technical parameters of the three-layer forming fabric of the high-speed paper machine.

1.Main net structure, technical parameters and performance comparison of three-layer forming fabric

The performance comparison of the four main net structures in this article is based on the same warp density,

Same diameter of latitude and longitude and

Compare with the same air permeability.

1.1 SSB forming fabrics for tissue paper machine main net structure and front and back pictures

forming fabrics structure 1:2/5Comprehensive20 Heald three-layer forming fabric, the ratio of surface layer weft to bottom weft is 2:1



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