China Factory Export Standard Polyester Screen Print Mesh

China Factory Export Standard Polyester Screen Print Mesh

Screen Printing Mesh is one of the vital parts of screen printing, and choosing the correct mesh fabric depends on your desired printing result. We carry the largest variety of both white and dyed (yellow) screen printing mesh. All of our screen mesh is of the highest quality and you'll be sure to love it at a fraction of the price.

Product Details

China OEM Price Top Quality Polyester Screen Print Mesh


Materials:  PET 100%

Mesh Count Range :8T(20mesh)-165T(450mesh).
Color: White,Yellow,

100T Yellow Textile Printing Polyester Silk Screen



High tension

Low elongation

Excellent tear resistance

Improved registration due to stable tension

Precise opening

Standard mesh

Good dimensional stability

Italy Satti Quality and China Price( all raw material is imported)

Screen Printing MeshManufacturing process: 



Our Polyester Screen Printing Mesh Products and Weaving Machine:

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How to Packing the Screen Printing Mesh for Shipping :


Samples Order : shipping by courrier

Small Order: shipping by air

Big Order: shipping by sea

You asked so here it is: rolls of screen print mesh to re-cover used screens or to make custom sized screens, in several different mesh sizes for all your fabric printing needs. These 42" wide X 5yrds. long mesh rolls can be cut to fit whatever size screen you choose to work with.

Silk is no longer used for Screen Printing. Today most screens are either Polyester Monofilament or Multifilament Polyester. The Monofilament mesh size is indicated with a number such as 80, 120, or 140. Multifilament mesh size is rated as 8XX, 12XX, or 14XX. The 80 and 8XX refer to the same screen size, as does the 120 with the 12XX and so on and so forth. A larger number means the mesh will be finer, or more threads & holes per inch. The finer the mesh, the more crisp the details. However, this can also limit the amount of ink that goes through the screen if your ink's particles are bigger than the holes of the mesh. If the ink particles are too big for your mesh, it can cause your screen to get clogged.


In the screen printing, the printing pattern is not clear and very vague. The reason may be:
1. The ink is too wet.
2. The distance between the plate and the printed object is too close or too far away.
3, the process of printing is too hard
4. The surface of a printed object is contaminated with oil or something.
5, making screen plate drying time is too short, the air pressure is too big or bad developing in drying time is too long, not washed out
6. The squeegee scraper is not good enough
7, the process of the printing process is too slanted.


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