China High Quality Silk Screen Printing Fabric Mesh

China High Quality Silk Screen Printing Fabric Mesh

Except nylon/polyester filter mesh, there is an important application in the industry that is nylon/polyester printing screen. Nylon/polyester printing screen is manufactured from nylon/polyester monofilament wire, which supplies fine apertures sizes. The nylon/polyester printing screen can be used in manual or mechanical printing production for glass, chinaware, clothes and other things.

Product Details

China High Quality Silk Screen Printing Fabric Mesh


Product Description


Printing Mesh

Weave type



100% polyester

Mesh Count

18-420 mesh/inch


46-693 micron


polyester screen printing, silk screen printing

Declaration: The price showing here only for your reference,It is may not the final actual transaction price,due to raw material costs and exchange rate changes frequently, also your requirements(includes but is not limited to the specification, model, workmanship,quantity per time, quality requirements,customized service) different to this product 

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Screen Printing Mesh Application
Costume screen printing: T-shirt screen printing, Fashion screen printing, Sportswear screen printing, Swimwear screen printing, etc.
Luggage, Shoes and Hats screen printing: Computer Bag screen printing, Handbags screen printing, Shopping bags screen printing, Luggage screen printing, Wallets screen printing, composite packaging materials screen printing, Canvas Shoes screen printing, hat/cap screen printing, etc.

Home Textiles screen printing: Scarves screen printing, Pillow screen printing, Tablecloths screen printing, Sleeping Bags screen printing, Bedclothes screen printing, Curtains screen printing, Seat screen printing, etc.

Advertising Gifts screen printing: Mouse Pad screen printing, Textile Slippers screen printing, Coasters screen printing, Bar Cushion screen printing, Paintings screen printing, Flags screen printing, Umbrella screen printing, etc.

Outdoor products screen printing: Tents screen printing, Beach Chairs screen printing, Sun Shade screen printing, etc


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